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I really like La Paloma Academy. After moving here from out of state I was very worried, but the teachers and administration put my worries to rest. I like the “open door” feel with the Principal. The communication with the online grade system and the email communication between myself and the teachers was great. My 6th grader liked how she had a few different teachers. My 3rd grader and my 6th grader would recommend this school to everyone, as will I. I am keeping my fingers crossed they will open a high school so I won’t have to stress about where to send my daughter in a few years!

- Parent
La Paloma Academy

I am a teacher at La Paloma and I really enjoy working here. The environment is so friendly and everyone really cares about their job and the students. I am always finding that the teachers here love to share their resources, not just within grade level, but within all levels. We all want to see the others succeed and have the students succeed as well.

- Teacher
La Paloma Academy

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